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Welcome to our update section


The Icelandic Church Choir tour to Bratislava will now be taking place this November. Details of concert performances and tickets to be on our site in mid-July

St. Edmundsbury Male Choir now tour to Salzburg and Vienna May 31st – June 6th 2021


We all hope that this email finds you well.

Our next Lions Choir rehearsal will be taking place in early November and date will be sent out to the group in late July.

Delighted that the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival is going ahead in May 2021 and the registration date has been extended until the end of July 2020. Currently, there are 49 choirs taking part. Contact mark@melodymusic-company.com for more information.

A full update on all our tours for 2021 and beyond will appear here at the end of July and any choirs thinking of touring near or far in 2021 can contact Melody Music for a no obligation quotation and draft itinerary.

Stay safe.



All at Melody Music hope you are keeping well during these difficult times of the Corona virus.

In keeping with Government advice, we have delayed until next year the tours planned for April – October 2020 by which time we all hope things will start to get back to normal.

Thankfully, Melody Music is in a strong position going forward and we will update you on the future tours over the comming months.

Best wishes and please keep safe.


Epsom Male Choir tour to South Wales in September this year will see them in concert with Morlais MVC and Mynyddislwyn MVC. More information to follow.

Welsh Association Royal Albert Hall rehearsal will take place on March 15th.

Lions Choir to South Africa 2021 will take place in Cardiff – Heol Llanishen Fach on March 29th.

2021 sees the 10th Anniversary of the tragic events in New York on 9/11/11.

To commemorate these events, Melody Music is forming a Comrades Choir to perform in New York – including taking part at Yankee Stadium and a Gala Concert in the City.

Interested Choristers can contact us on mark@melodymusic-company.com

The 8 night tour will take place in early September 2021


A busy year ahead for Melody Music with 8 tours taking place this year to date. More will be added over the next few weeks – including several choirs touring within the UK.

Tours include:

St. Edmundsbury Male Choir to Salzburg and Vienna April

St. Alphege Choir tour to Madrid April

Icelanandic Church Choir tour to Bratislava April

Morlais MVC to Barcelona in May

Newtown and Carmarthen MV Choirs tour to Belgium in June and July

Swansea Excelsior Choir to Sorrento September

Cor y Gwir tour to Liverpool October this year

Epsom Male Choir tour to Cardiff Ictober this year


Merry Christmas!

Next Lions Choir Rehearsal March 29th 2020 at Heol Llanishen Fach School

January 2020 Newsletter to include information on our Comrades 2021 Tour to North America and the short tour to Iceland.

2 New Choirs to Melody Music to tour to Madrid in 2020….more info to follow

26/10/2019 Confirmed Tours for the future with Melody Music to date.

Simply Singers tour to Cornwall November 1st – 3rd [Concert Saturday 2nd 7.30pm at Wadebridge Touwn Hall with the Wadebridge MVC]

Comrades Tour to Sorrento March 19th 2020

St. Edmundsbury MVC tour to Salzburg and Vienna April 2nd – 8th 2020

Icelandic Reykjavic  Church Choir to Bratislava April 23rd – 28th  2020

Sydenham Schoir Choir Paris May 23rd – 26th 2020

Carmarthen Male Choir Ypres June 12th – 16th 2020

Newtown and District Male Choir Ghent July 24th – 28th 2020

Swansea Excelsior Choir Sorrento September 18th – 22nd 2020

2021 Lions Male Choir June South Africa                                                 

2021 Comrades USA Tour October 


Cornwall International Festival of Male Choirs 2021 – Registration Now Open. For details, please click here.

17/9/2020 NEW FESTIVAL FOR BRASS & WIND BANDS – Melody Music is delighted to be involved in the 2020 Krakow Brass & Wind Band Festival. Click here for more information.

Cor y Gwyr are currently touring in Salzburg and have their final concert at Salzburg Cathedral on 18/9/2019.



A busy few Weeks with Myddislwyn just returned from a great tour to Ghent.

Ogmore Valley are currently touring wit us in Krakow [Sept 7 – 12th]

Cor y Gwir tour to Salzburg on September 14th


Comrades Tour to Sorrento now March 19th 2020 – all welcome.

Contact mark@melodymusic-company.com for a copy of our newsletter


Mynyddislwyn to Tour to Ghent in September this year.

Lions Choir & Comrades next rehearsal confirmed as October 6th – 12.30pm at Heol Llanishen Fach


Delighted that we have 2 new Comrades tours:

Comrades short tour to Dublin and Athenry 6th Feb – to coincide with Ireland v Wales Rugby

Comrades tour will take place to Sorrento on March 19th 2020

Interested choristers contact mark@melodymusic-company.com

*Next Lions Choir Rehearsal – 6th of October 2019

Comrades Choir Tour to Sorrento: March 19 2020


Congratulations to all the Choirs who took part in the Cornwall International Festival of Male Choirs over the past weekend.

A rich and varied programme of music from the choirs, very enthusiastic packed audience – a true Festival of Music in every way. Looking forward to 2021!

Iceland Male Choir return from their 8 day tour to Poland tongith – after a thrilling tour – they plan to tour with Melody Music in 2020 once again. More news to follow….



Lions Choir next rehearsal February 24th 12.30 at Heol Llanishen Fach.

M.D. Ieuan Jones will outline the full repertoire at the next rehearsal.

Final preparations underway for the Icelandic MVC Tour to Krakow in April.

June sees a busy month with 3 choirs touring with us to Poland:

Caldicot MVC

Epsom MVC

Wessex MVC


Melody Music will be sending out the final accommodation information to all choirs in early March.


Congratulations to the Village Singers on their triumphant tour to NY and Carnegie Hall.

Affinity Choir to tour with Melody Music to NY in March 2019 and perform at Carnegie Hall.

Icelandic Choir final preparations for their Melody Music Tour to Poland in April.

3 Comrades tours set to be published in early March 2019 – including:


Oman & Dubai


New Orleans

Interested choristers contact Mark Burrows for more information – Comrades Choirs tours are open to all Choristers.

Final information being sent out next week to all choirs taking part in the Cornwall International Festival of Male Choirs.

Lions Rehearsal February 24th 12.30 at Heol Llanishen Fach. – Contact m for repertoire updates and learning c.d. Contact Mark Stuart Burrows

Melody Music Newletter to be sent out on February 20th.


Mark Burrows returned from a 3 day trip to South Africa having compleated the arrangements for the 2021 Lions Choir Tour. 10 places left for choristers as of 30/1/2019.


Good Luck to the Village Singers who are with us at Carnegie Hall NY on 21st Jan at the Sir Karl Jenkins Gala Concert.

Lions Choir Rehearsal February 24th – 12.30 – Heol Llanishen Fach with M.D. Ieuan Jones. Please contact MM if you do not have an updated repertoir list. Our representatives will be in South Africa on 25th for 3 days making the final arrangements for the tour in 2021. We will send out an update shortly after their return. Currently, we have a choir of 59 and a total party of 97. Therefore we have circa 20 places left on this, our 6th Lions Choir Tour.

Breaking News – As well as promoting choir tours World-Wide, and in conjunction with our 2 Krakow International Choral Festivals, we now have:


Full details will be posted here on Monday 21st Feb.

Cornwall International Festival of Male Choirs.

As previously mentioned, we were delighted to become the official partner of this, the largest Male Choir Festival in the World.

All choirs are now in place and a final update will be sent to all participating choirs on or before January 24. We look forward to meeting you all at what promises to be a very special Festival.

7 Choirs to date have already booked their tours for 2021 – proving that thinking ahead pays off – as prices are set now. Should your choir wish to travel, near or far, or if you as an indivial would wish to travel with one of our Comrades Tours, please just contact mark@melodymusic-company.com and we can provide a no obligation quotation/suggestion for your future tours.


Delighted that the following choirs will be touring with Melody Music in 2019

Epsome MVC

Caldicot MVC

Wessex MVC

Cor y Gwir

Mynyddislwyn MVC

Icelandic MVC

Ogmore Valley MVC

Australian MVC


Carnegie Hall in the Spring

2020 sees Melody Music once again staging a Gala Choral Event at this iconic venue. Open to choirs and individual choristers world-wide.

New destinations for choirs – including Croatia, Iceland, Sweden and Portugal.

Contact Melody Music for a free itinerary quotation including excellent venues for your future choir tour.


Swansea Excelsior Choir tour Vienna in 2 weeks!

Bristol Male Choir tour to Salzburg and Vienna in October…………………more information to follow.


Delighted to announce that Epsom Male Voice Choir, Wessex Male Choir, Caldicot Male Choir and the Icelandic MVC will tour with Melody Music next May and June to various locations in Europe. More information to follow…..

Hotels for those choirs attending the Cornwall International Festival of Male Voice Choirs in May 2019 all in place. We will be writing to invidivudal choirs with full information next week.

Comrades Choir Tour to Sorrento [April 4-9 2019] information going out to our database on Tuesday next.

…and breaking news…..Due to the Huge Success of our last Carnegie Hall Gala concert with Choristers from all over the world and soloist Bryn Terfel, we are planning our next Gala at that iconic venue in 2020. Interested choristers please fill in the small form to the right or email mark@melodymusic-company.com


Lions Choir Repertoir announced [see Lions Choir 2021 on our site]

Swansea Excelsior Choir to Tour to Vienna with Melody Music in September

Bristol Male Choir to Tour to Vienna and Salzburg with Melody Music in October

Comrades Choir Tour to Naples & Sorrento March 2019 now in place [contact Melody Music for more information]


GDPR Statement updated


Haverfordwest Male Choir tour to Belgium on July 18 visiting Ypres, Ghent and Brugges.


Burlington Welsh Male Chorus will perform at St. David’s Church Washington D.C. on Sunday June 3rd. On the 2nd of June they will sing the Anthems at the Wales V. South Africa Test Rugby Match!

Best wishes to the Welsh Association of Male Choirs who hold their Gala at the Royal Albert Hall, London on May 19th

Haverfordwest Male Choir will be touring with us to Belgium in July. More info to follow.

Next 2 general [and Lions Choir] rehearsal dates out next week!


We are delighted that our ATOL Certificate has been confirmed as renewed for the next full period.

Morriston Orpheus Choir returned from a triumphant tour of Vienna and Krakow last week.

Check out our tour to Japan 2019


Excellent rehearsal for the 2021 Lions Choir to South Africa took place on FEB. 18th.

2019 Tour to Japan just announced. Click here for more information. This tour is open to all choristers and will visit some of the most spectacular places in Japan.

Delighted that Haverfordwest Male Choir have confirmed today that they will tour to Ghent and Ypres in June of this year.

Morriston Orpheus Choir prepare to tour to Vienna and Krakow in April. Concert details to follow.


Cornwall International Male Choral Festival 2021

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE FESTIVAL https://www.melodymusic-company.com/cimcf

Comrades Tour to Japan 2019 – full details available from Melody Music

Tommorow [Feb 18] sees the first rehearsal for the Lions 21 Choir.

12.15 Heol Llanishen Fach

Rehearsal is a “General” so those interested in the Comrades Portugal, Napes and Sorrento – plus Japan are welcome to attend.


Next Choir rehearsal for Lions, Comrades, Japan Tour is on February 18th at Heol Llanishen Fach. [12.15pm]

We now have 75 travellers on the Lions 2021 tour, so 25 places left.

Comrades tour to Faro in September and to Naples and Sorrento in March 2019 are now confirmed. Contact Melody Music for itinerary and more information.

Japan Tour 2019 and Bolshoi 2019 itineraries are now available from Melody Music –



Merry Christmas to you!

Our Newsletter is available for download here  https://www.melodymusic-company.com/archives/1575

We are delighted that to date, – Choirs touring with Melody Music in 2018 include:

Morriston Orpheus

Bristol Male Choir

Haverfordwst Male Choir

Cor y Gwyr

Swansea Excelsior

Comrades Choir

Our Newsletter contains a selection of exciting tours for your Choir, together with several Comrade Choir Tours.

Our Lions Choir South Africa 2021 already has 64 people signed up and the first rehearsal is on February 18th 2018.

We are proud that Melody Music will be making the arrangements for the Cornwall International Male Choir Festival 2019.


Urk Male Choir from the Netherlands arrive tomorrow for their tour of Wales with Melody Music.

Their performances include: Friday 3rd Nov Ferndale Hall with Morlais Male Choir

Saturday 4th Nov St. Davids Hall, Cardiff, Festival of Remembrance

Sunday 5th Nov St. Johns Church Cardiff [10am]

Sunday 5th Nov Parc & Dare Treorchy

Melody Music is delighted to be arranging the ground arrangements for the Cornwall Festival of Male Choirs in 2019


Delighted that the Morriston Orpheus Male Choir will tour with us in April 2018 to Krakow and Vienna – more info to follow.

Morlais MVC will tour with us to Krakow in May 2018

Along with this – also delighted that the Bristol Male Choir will Tour to Vienna and Salzburg May in 2018

Swansea Excelcior Choir tour tour with us to Vienna in September 2018

Canoldir MVC tour with us to Barcelona in September 2018

Lions Male Choir to South Africa [for 2021] now stands at 61 travellers – max group size will be 120. First rehearsal will be in February 2018. Contact us at mark@melodymusic-company.com for full itinerary

!!Important and exciting announcement for Melody Music and Choirs regarding 2019 due soon – watch this space!!



Excellent tour by Cor y Gwir – well done all, and thank you for looking for your 2018 tour with us again


Cor y Gwir from Swansea travel to Riga and Tallinn for their third concert tour with Melody Music – they depart in one week!


As of today, 37 people have signed up to our 2021 Lions Choir Tour to South Africa. Numbers are limited to 120 and our first rehearsal will be in early February 2018.

July                                                                                                                                      Yorkshire Youth Choir return from performance filled tour to Krakow


The Lions Choir returned from NZ after a fantastic tour – great concerts, much fun. Well done all.

July 27 Yorkshire Youth Choir tour to Krakow

September Baltic Tour – details to follow.

Site Update taking place July 20th


Lions Choir Rehearsal on May 21st and June 4th at Heol Llanishen Fach School.

Lions Choir depart for New Zealand June 21st – 4 concerts and 3 Tests – exciting time!

A link to our blog will be here in 10 days.

Yorkshire Youth Choir tour to Krakow in July

2 Choirs touring to the Baltic States in September – more information to follow.


Includes: A selection of tours for your Choir

World Cup 2019 Choir Tour to Japan

Lions Tour 2021 to South Africa

WW1 1918 to 2018 Tours

European Choir Tours by Coach – and much much more!


Cor Colin Jones from North Wales tour the MED this Friday on board MSC.

4 Concerts await.

Excellent tour by Swansea Excelsior Choir to Barcelona and Onllwyn Male Choir to Recco and Florence in September this year.

In August, the Welsh Association wowed audiences in the Baltic States under the direction of Alwyn Humphreys.

Final Update and itinerary being sent out Monday to those on the August Welsh Association Tour.

Lions Choir Rehearsals – NOVEMBER 6TH followed by January 29th [2017]. Both at Heol Llanishen Fach

Update 15/5/2016

Well done to the Comrades Male Choir who just returned from a great tour of Malta.

Next Lions Choir rehearsal May 22nd – 12.30, Heol Llanishen Fach School. – POSTPONED

Next Welsh Association Baltic State rehearsal at Neath will be on Sunday, June 19th

Risca Male Choir to tour Belgium July 2016

Welsh Associatioin Choir to tour Baltic States August 2016

Swansea Excelsior Choir to tour Barcelona September 2016

Onllwyn Male Choir to tour Barcelona October 2016

The Colin Jones Singers tour Europe October 2016

More info to Follow.

Wales Festival of Remembrance 2016 – November 5th, St. Davids Hall – choristers wishing to join the Massed Choir should contact Melody Music.

Comrades Choir to Tour to Malta April 25th 2016

*News Update this week! 01/01/2016

Winter Newsletter out now! – including many new tours for your choir for 2016/17, and news on our 2017 La Scala Event, “Around the World in 8 days tour”, Lions Choir Tour and much, much more.

To download the most recent Newsletter please click here.

Lady Holles School travel to Venice – December 16-21st later this month including a concert at St. Mark’s.

*Welsh Association Baltic States tour 2016 –

*Music for this tour:

ANTHEM (from Chess)
CALON LAN (arr A Humphreys)
MY LORD WHAT A MORNING (arr R Lee Gilliam)
UNCHAINED MELODY (arr Mark Brymer)
WORLD IN UNION (arr M D Williams)

Delighted to confirm that The Lady Eleanor Holles School Choir will tour to Venice with Melody Music this December.

New Tours with Melody Music Company

– Cantorion Y Gwyr travel to Krakow this September with 2 concerts

– National Youth Choir of Wales tour to Buenos Aires and Patagonia this October with 5 concerts

– Cefn Hengoed Ladies Choir travel to Bratislava this October with 2 concerts

– Swansea Excelsior travel to Barcelona in 2016

– Risca Male Choir travel to Belgium in 2016


Morlais MVC and Cambrian MVC have just returned from an excellent tour to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The choir performed 3 sell out concerts ending at the fantastic Saint Petersburg Sate Capella – one of the most famous venues in Russia!




Wales Festival of Remembrance

Choirs or individual choristers wishing to take part in the largest Gala concert for the RBL

Contact Melody Music or register at: http://www.walesfestivalofremembrance.co.uk/


Sydenham High School Choir to Tour Tallinn April 13th – 18th 2015

Morlais Male Choir and Cambrian Male Choir to Tour Russia May 23rd – May 31st 2015

National Youth Choir of Wales and Ty Cerdd tour to Buenos Aires and Patagonia 2015


*Interested Choirs/choristers should contact Melody Music to to take part of this special Gala.



MM Wales Festival of Remembrance a great success. Many thanks to all the Choristers, Artists and techs who made this the best yet.


Welsh Association celebration tour to Europe in August of this year – huge success!

National Youth Choir of Wales to Tour Argentina and Patagonia with Melody Music October 2015

Look out for ITALY V WALES Choir tour 2015.  Click here for details.

Wales Festival of Remembrance line up to be announced on August 15th. Massed Choir stands at 390 singers. www.walesfestivalofremembrance.co.uk

Delighted to announce Sydenham will tour with Melody Music for the 3rd time in April 2015. This time to Tallinn. More info to follow.

New Choir Cruises just announced – click here

Lions Choir 2017 click here. Touring party as of 22/7/2014 stands at 86

As well as over 50 destinations Worldwide for your choir, in 2015 we begin special choir tours to the Holy Land, together with CUBA as a new destination. See Destination page for more details.

Mark Burrows, M.D. of Melody Music and Artistic Director of the Wales Festival of Remembrance launches website for the Festival.


5 New Choirs appoint Melody Music as their tour Company click here for more information.

Comrades Tour to Arras 2014. For more information please click here. 

Wales Festival of Remembrance – What a Show!  click here for more information.

Melody Music Newsletter. For information and download please click here.



Gower Chorale to tour Rome October 2013

Lions Choir to New Zealand 2017 click here

Lions Choir returns after fantastic Tour. http://liftupyourvoicesandroar.wordpress.com/

Ardwyn Singers to tour in 2014 with Melody Music….more to follow!

Following on from the recent tour to Russia, we are delighted that on November 25th we can confirm that the Welsh Association of Male Choirs has asked Melody Music to arrange their 5th tour. In 2014 [August], we will arrange their European Tour – visiting Vienna, Krakow and Ljubljana. In the first mail out we have received returned forms from 52 singers, and more continue to join each week. Information on rehearsals will be sent out in the post once we receive your registration form. Choir size limited to 90 singers.

For more information and registration of interest form Click Here

Wales Festival of Remembrance 2013 see Festival Page


We are delighted that In Voco Parentis Choir from Cambridge will tour for the first time with Melody Music in May 2013 – destination – Krakow. More to follow….


Our November/December 2012 Newsletter was sent out in the post to all those who have registered with us to receive updates.

If you would like Newsletters sent to you, just email us. Otherwise, you can download it from here.


We are delighted that the Gower Chorale will tour for the first time with Melody Music in October 2013. More info to follow…..

Risca Male Choir to tour again with Melody Music in 2013. This time to Leipzig in August 2013.


Choir Cruises for 2013!!   Click Here


Please visit the British and Irish Lions Page for updated information on the music to be performed during the 2013 tour in Australia hit the following link the go to “Music”. Lions.


M.D. of Melody Music Mark Burrows is delighted to have been asked to be on the Jury of the International Festival in Neuchatel, Switzerland – one of the most prestigious in Europe.  Festival.

For over 20 years now, the entire Neuchâtel region has echoed with voices from all over the world.This choral singing competition is exclusively reserved for amateur ensembles, and is judged by an international jury made up of leading figures from the world of music.A festival that is warm-hearted and vibrant thanks to the varied origins and cultural backgrounds of the participants.

Other Festivals.Click


Mark Burrows, M.D. of Melody Music Company is delighted to be on the Jury of the Advent Choral Festival in Poland in December of this year.

More information can be found at:www.christmasfestival.pl